Hey There

If you would’ve told high school me I was going to become software engineering major, I would’ve told you you had the wrong person. I’m no Steve Jobs or Tony Stark, I’m just Mel- nerdy, superhero loving Mel. And yet, years later here we are.


Behind the Blog

Going into college as a STEM major was nerve wrecking enough, but having never coded a day in my life just added the cherry on top of my stress filled cake. It didn’t help that I felt like I was trying to catch up to everybody who did know how. It was a constant cycle of comparison, that I finally managed to break myself out of. 

This blog is to help those college students who are in the same situation I was in. Learning to code while majoring in tech is really hard, but it’s possible. I want to show people what’s really like to be a software engineering major from a person who’s learning to code as she goes. And along the way I’ll mix in things I find interesting. Because why not? 

Take whatever they throw at you and build something awesome-like a flying car. Because flying cars are so much cooler than castles.

Mel M.

Student/ Founder of Little Ms. Engineer

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