Gladys West

In the past couple of months, I’ve been interested in people who were seemingly written out of history. Either people who were brushed off or not mentioned at all. Today’s spotlight focuses on a person who will be featured again in the future. Everyone, meet Gladys West, the developer of the GPS.

That’s right. Mrs.West is one of the key people responsible for making the GPS. The thing that drew me to her is how people found out she created it. Senior members of her sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha read the bio she wrote for an upcoming event where she oh so casually mentioned she helped develop the Global Positioning System during her Naval career. Her fellow members were shell-shocked. Can you imagine being a situation like that? Finding out your close friend created something world changing and they never mentioned it until months or years later. I wouldn’t know how to react.

Reading about Mrs.West’s history was fascinating and made me want to know even more about her. If you wish to know more about this amazing woman, please click the link below. She is somebody that should be talked out more.

Meet Gladys West, The Black Female Engineer Who Played a ‘Pivotal’ Role In Developing the GPS

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