Ursula Burns

Every now and again, there are people who inspire us- who make us want to be like or to keep pushing through our current situation or who is just plain relatable. Ursula Burns is all three of those things, plus the fact that she’s pretty cool. 

Ursula Burns is the CEO of Xerox, a company that sells document solutions and document products in 160 countries. Not only that, but she is the first black female CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Burns is a pretty common name in the engineering world not only because of her work, but how she got there. Instead of telling you directly how she did that, I’m going to tell a story she talked about during an interview with Fortune Magazine that I can relate to. When Ursula was pursuing mechanical engineering in the 80s, she knew going in that there weren’t going to be a lot of girls or a lot of black people. Instead of letting that frighten her, she used it to her advantage. She, like myself, is an introverted person. Feeling isolated while surrounding in a room full of people pushed her to prove that she was capable despite what others thought.  I’m not going into more details because I want you to look her up. I want you to read about her and find out what motivates as a female pioneer. Linked below I have several of her interviews that’s done over the years. If you want to know more, the rest is up to you.






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