Wireless Beanie

More often than not, I find myself scrolling through the ‘Amazon’ new and interesting finds page. Sometimes, I find really cool and weird stuff, like today for example. The item to the left is a wireless beanie. It allows you to listen to music, hear tv shows or jam to a your favorite gaming soundtrack all while keeping your ears warm. Plus you can answer calls on it. I currently have a growing collection of hats, so this would be perfect for people who share my obsession. Plus it’s only 20 bucks, how much of a deal is that? These guys aren’t paying me to say this by the way. I just thought it was a cool product. It’s a beanie with bluetooth! What’s next- coffee cups that play music while you drink?

Posted by Mel

Hey, I'm Mel. I'm in a junior in college who is looking to leave her footprint on the tech industry. When I'm not studying, I'm creating pure css images, watching youtube videos, and being a total geek.

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